Skercle is here! The Skewer that's a Circle!

Fun, Healthy, Easy to Use, Safe.

Fun, Healthy, Easy to Use, Safe.

Fun, Healthy, Easy to Use, Safe.Fun, Healthy, Easy to Use, Safe.Fun, Healthy, Easy to Use, Safe.


We are donating 10% of all sales proceeds to Feeding America as they seek to help households in the US who experience food scarcity. Feeding America provides food and resources to food banks across the country on a needs basis. During these vulnerable times, we hope, with your help, to do our part to help someone in need. You can read more about Feeding America at the link below. 

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Plus subscribe for a chance to win weekly Easter Skercle giveaways!


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Plus subscribe for a chance to win weekly Easter Skercle giveaways!

Plus subscribe for a chance to win weekly Easter Skercle giveaways!

Plus subscribe for a chance to win weekly Easter Skercle giveaways!


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The Back Story...


The Skercle family

As a mom of 4, with the 2 middle children particularly candy-obsessed and fussy with food, I always wanted something that could showcase fruit and veggies, especially at parties, and spice up the day-to-day lunchbox. Traditional fruit skewers look great, but pointy ends were worrying,

It was in November 2016, while playing a cupcake game with my then 6-year old daughter Eliana, that the idea was finally borne. We were playing with cupcake characters at a party, when Ellie assured me that ‘Cupcake Nurse ‘would ensure they ate all their healthy food before dessert was allowed. I laughed, but later that night I thought (once again) how nice it would be to have something healthy-and enticing-that could possibly rival cupcakes and cakes. And that’s when I got the idea for a round, and therefore perfectly safe skewer. Skercle, a combination of the words Skewer and Circle seemed like a great fit for the picture in my head.

In 2017, With Ellie as my chief sounding board, we began to develop the product with our talented Industrial Designers in California. We tested colors and materials, conducted the necessary CPSC and FDA testing in early 2019, and developed fun packaging with an amazing team in Brooklyn, NY. We patented and trademarked Skercle, until finally our launch in the fall of 2019.  

It was important to me, as a working mom and for our environment, that Skercle was not disposable, was easy to clean and use, and could be popped in the dishwasher. I also wanted Skercle to be a healthy addition to other holidays where candy was often a big feature-so Halloween, Valentines and Easter Skercle were born. We added Christmas, Hanukkah, Simcha and 4th July Skercle for good measure. 

In our home, we now use Skercle in our lunchbox or for snack time every day. I finally got my wish and can now do beautiful Skercle fruit platters at my kids parties (and class parties) without worrying about someone getting poked. The kids love them!  

My hope is that Skercle will provide other parents with the opportunity to serve healthy food to their kids in a fun, safe, interesting and novel way. 



Why Skercle?

Skercle (patent pending) is our new take on the traditional skewer.

We know that helping your child make healthy food choices can be challenging at times. Traditional fruit and veggie skewers look and taste great, but pointy ends are a worry, and skewer injuries in children and adults alike, unfortunately do happen. 

With Skercle, you simply unlatch, thread fruit and veggies on, and then reattach to form a perfect circle! The handles work well to keep little hands and fingers cleaner, and the bright colors and themes are fun and engaging. Your child can even help you prepare-and you can even experiment with other fresh or pre-cooked food, like nuggets or cereals. Great to spice up those lunchboxes, for snacks and for healthy and delicious party displays.


What is Skercle made from?

Skercle is made from food grade materials including food grade silicone and food grade polypropylene. Logo inks and images are made from food grade dyes. Skercle is BPA, phthalate and lead free. Skercle is dishwasher and freezer safe,  


Which Skercle should I choose?

Skercle is available  in 2 models with unique, ergonomic handles perfect for smaller fingers and for keeping littler hands cleaner. Each model has a Skercle that is unlatched so food can be added and then reattached for use.

Our tapered handle model has a slim, light-weight handle and our Rounded handle model has a larger handle with a flattened base that can rest on any stable surface. 

Skercle Regular Edition models come in our bold pink, teal and blue Skercle colors. And when its Holiday time, you'll find a Skercle for every occasion: Valentines Skercle, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah and others, will  brighten up your family's special day. So what are you waiting for-lets start Skercling!

Other Opportunities

Become a Skercle Retailer!

We Offer Education Discounts!

We Offer Education Discounts!


Selling kids products? Why not add Skercle to your range? Ask us how.

We Offer Education Discounts!

We Offer Education Discounts!

We Offer Education Discounts!


Teachers, therapists and childcare workers love Skercle! A fun activity that builds fine and gross motor skills, nutrition education, self-esteem building, and even teaches math concepts like  >, <, =, patterns, colors and shapes. So many possibilities! Inquire today!